Idk my BFF rose


If the zodiac signs were in a horror movie. 

This is super accurate because I always guess correctly

Which sliders do you use on your sims face?

— Anonymous

I think I have a link somewhere maybe in my downloads tag?


Ty’s visit.
April 2014
Meeting video and such coming soon. ♡♡


This is my favorite ♡

Sorry I’ve been inactive I’m in Texas with Katy ❤️ meeting her finally and actually being with her is the most amazing thing ever

Were do u get most of your furniture

— Anonymous

I mostly just download stuff I see on tumblr, ms3b, and tsr

hi it's Doodle! Just checking on your slot in the bachelorette challenge. Do you have time to have your contestant ready by the 19th? or should I push for Wednesday?

I suck I’m so sorry. I’m on vacation but I’ll send you one of my favorite sims for it ok?



Disney Princess Cinderella Ballerina Costume Dress by Furiental



Psst… theseprettylittlepixels bellesgrotto simshare

btw let’s have a princess tea party guys theseprettylittlepixels adorablysimtastic  (ik you’ve used it already but c’mon.. )


" Sarah it’s time for food "

" I not Sawa mummy I Cindywella"

my bbbbby



Capucine as Elsa! <3

No this is too beautiful bby!!!!!


I feel kinda pretty today

lol random poses…

do you like zo with orange hair?

Save the date <3

Never play sims again or live as a sim in a plot twisty person's story?

live as a sim, 
speaking of which i would love to be in a plot twisty story if someone wants to create me lololol