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Rapunzel Singing Sketchbook Ornament


It begins
This fully sculptured Tangled ornament presents a towering gift for your holiday season. Press the button on base to hear Rapunzel sing When Will My Life Begin.

Someone get me this plz

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okay guys, my game is working again :D thank you so much to everyone who has helped me, put up with my winging (lol so much of it) and helped me out with all of this. the ‘factory reset’ has meant i can play with no crashes (and omg my game is so fast now?! haha). 

but now i need to choose an heir as this legacy needs to move on!! so i need to choose an heir between Ally and AJ and I just can’t decide! so, with rayscho's help i have decided to do an heir poll. please can you vote for your favourite huff to be the heir? >.< 

the poll will be open maybe until Thursday? i won’t be playing again until maybe Thursday night, maybe Friday, so we’ll say Thursday ;D 

vote for Ally or AJ here!

Vote AJ

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Anonymous what websites do you get most of your CC from? 

Ms3b or

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Zo, you don’t even look the same

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My ideal guy is long, tan, and handsome 


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I’d like to put this asshole on blast for ruining my fucking morning and making me want to punch him in the throat, all before 6 am.

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Homecoming, Phillipa and Lylah are dating now.

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Ellis is fourteen, but she looks much older.

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Colby went to Boarding School, as she got a big scholarship. ANYWAYS… This is Ellis’s bedroom

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"Sarah everyone keeps telling me you’re dead, but how can you be dead when I can still see you"

A part of me is dead
Need you to live again
Can you replace this
I’m hollow, hollow and faceless

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I thought it was about time I did a follow forever.

Some of you I have only just followed, but some I have followed from the beginning.

If you are on this list it means that I genuinely look up to you and that your pictures inspire me.

Thank you all for your posts, they really brighten my…

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Seliie monday:’) I don’t want to go to work

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