kirito marry me instead

asuna y is ur hair blue

so far i’m really disappointed in sao2

Anonymous Procrastinatingsims never answered me but like are u guys dating bc awwww U2 r soooooo cute (Sorry if ur not and I made it awkward) 

no lol. we aren’t. we have been good friends for over a year so we talk alot

Anonymous I'm so sorry for everything. And u may not be perfect to you, but to me you are. Your voice is amazing, your gorgeous, and you're kind heart somehow expands big enough to have so many friends. I wish i could be like you :'( 

I just want to hug you right now. I am close to tears this is one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever gotten. Thank you bby.

Also I watched all the episodes of Deadman’s Wonderland on Netflix today, and it was one of the most fucked up animes I’ve yet to see.

My boss gave me this drink that’s supposed to relax you and help you sleep because it has melatonin and something that supposedly treats anxiety and it tasted like white grape juice which is my obsession rn.

Let’s see how long it takes for me to sleep

Anonymous Giving all ya'll a hug *hugs* 


Anonymous why are you so perferct 

;-;thank you

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C’mon…you know you wanna ;)

Ask me and the Bunts things

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Anonymous Ignore all the hate your receiving its YOUR blog so you can give/post whatever you want <3 

Thank you darling. I don’t really receive hate thank goodness, but yes I agree. I think sometimes it is difficult to always be quiet though

Anonymous What happened while u were asleep 

My friends were sent absolutely disgusting, and extremely disturbing anon hate.